Why Bots Are Still Important In Gaming

Like many gamers out there, I suck at most online games. It’s sad, but the current trend in video games tend to lean toward online competition. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve participated in a few tournaments myself, but the emphasis on competition in today’s gaming culture has led to a competition fatigue. Every game HAS to be involved in some sort of competitive multiplayer or the game will surely lose support. What I want to know is: What happened to the good old fashion Human vs Bot in video games?

Unreal Tournament was the best of the best when it came to human vs bot combat. This masterpiece had 100% of all multiplayer mode available to duke it out with a team of AI bots. It was honestly some of the best gaming I did as a kid.

It made you feel like a bad ass rushing the enemy base, fragging a few defenders, and stealing their flag. The series that would follow would continue this amazing formula allowing players to have endless gameplay that still holds up today. In fact we would probably all be playing a new entry in the series if Epic Games wasn’t so focused on Fortnite. Such a shame.

One of the biggest factors of supporting bots in multiplayer content is, of course, replayability. Having the option to create a match of any game mode, and fill it with AI combatants leads to almost endless possibilities everytime you play. Not to mention the fact that you don’t have to worry about 13 year olds calling you trash, because you don’t have the time to practice. It’s frustrating working 40 hours a week and getting dominated online. It takes the fun out of recreational video games.

So many amazing franchises allow bot support. One major being the legendary first person shooter Call of Duty. The Triple-A franchise has allowed the ability to set up private matches against bots for the past 10+ years.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

I remember staying up until 3am on a school night with my buddy Matt taking on a team of high difficulty bots on Nuke Town. We had fun, and made some great memories. That is honestly what gaming is all about.

For the recreational gamer, playing against bots keeps games alive after the story is finished. For us, it gives us the opportunity to experience the multiplayer gameplay with out getting fragged every three seconds, because it’s honestly no fun. Hopefully bot support will make a comeback in gaming culture, but until then we still have the greats to enjoy.

Those of you searching for great bot supported game for the PS4, look no further! Your pals at 101 Militia Gaming has you covered.

If you dig duking it out with bots, be sure to let us know your favorite games in the comments!

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