Let’s Have A Little Chat About Battle Royales…

Battle royales, they are absolutely everywhere. The genre, that was once revolutionary, has spread its tentacles of influence into most every major franchise.

The first major battle royale to take the gaming community by storm was a little game by the name of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It brought forth the idea of dropping 100 players into an ever closing map, forcing them to scavenge for resources. However, many associate battle royales as being competitive shooters. One of the first battle royales to hit the scene was actually a mod for Minecraft that modeled its gameplay after the Hunger Games.

Battle royales were new, and brought a unique way of bringing a risk/reward element to a community starved for a new competitive market. It wasn’t too long after that developers began to flood online stores with battle royales of all shapes and sizes. Has anyone even heard of one called Don’t Even Think? Yeah…me neither.

Fallout 76′s Battle Royale

Battle royales were a good way for smaller studios to develop a mildly entertaining game, while forgoing story and depth. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, until big name Triple-A studios trying to cash in. Next thing we got was Black Ops 4, Battlefield 5, and even Fallout 76! Good God Fallout 76… The battle royale trend has found itself situated within most mainstream franchise, but like all trends, they die out.

This is just another step through the evolution of gaming. This isn’t the first great idea over saturated by an ever growing market, and it certainly won’t be the last. As technology, social recognition, and competition grows, so will great ideas that will change the playing field of gaming as we know it.