To the Busy Otaku

If you are reading this, chances are you are like me – too busy.

It’s the American way. We work hard, some of us at jobs that we actually despise, for enough money to continue the lifestyle we are either used to or push even harder to try to improve. We continue this trend, the years pass quicker than the ones before. And somewhere along the way we somehow lose that spark that made every new day exciting.

Know that feeling? Me too. Trust me, I’m not trying to be pessimistic. There are countless factors that equate to this sad reality for many of us – it’s our workaholic culture, it’s our refusal to value our own needs over the expectations of a job, probably diet, and certainly ideas engrained from childhood by others who most likely only pushed us so hard to ensure we succeed in a cruel world later.

That’s why it’s so important to hold on tight to the things that mean so much to us. I read a quote somewhere a few years back that said something like: live every day as if you are in a Studio Ghibli movie. You know what I’m talking about, the amazing shots of the scenery, whimsical and magical despite how ordinary the character might see it. How can they appreciate the color and vibrance – this is their beautiful world that they get to see every day! They are much too busy advancing the story to pay much attention to the background… sound familiar?

Here’s a real-world example for you guys. I know after watching some classic Sailor Moon the world just feels a bit more magical. Does it help me see my own environment in a different, more optimistic way? You know what, hell yes it does! Do the darker mangas inspire me to delve into darker themes in my own writing? Again, hell yes it does. These stories are just as valid as any that could be found in a traditional book or television or movie screen (and as you know, many have been adapted to live action projects… regardless of how those turned out. 🤷)

Don’t be afraid to watch your favorite anime as you grow older! Read the classic manga from childhood and discover the awesome new ones that have been released since then! Adulthood should not be about giving up the things that brought us so much joy and hope growing up. Being an adult otaku, with the help of social media, is finally being accepted around the world – as it should be! So, take a deep breath. Watch some Fullmetal Alchemist or My Hero Academia and enjoy the little things around you for as long as you can.

We love hearing your respectful opinions so drop a comment below! In your busy life, how do you incorporate your otaku side? And do you find that this improves your perspective of your own world? Let us know! ✌

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