Meet and Greet.

Greetings and salutations everyone, I’m Remy, and if you’re here you apparently think I have something important or interesting to say. Well sorry to burst your bubble folks, but truth be told I really don’t. Thankfully, I’ve always been pretty good at faking my way through, so I thought we might as well do this thing and see where it takes us.

For starters, I thought a nice little introduction might be in order just as a sort of get to know you session before we dove into anything too serious together. Of course, it’s not really me getting to know you, but more of you learning a bit more about yours truly. If you’ve found us, you obviously share the same love that we all do for everything that’s strange, weird, geek, nerd, fringe, and off the wall, and that’s great because it’s all fantastic stuff and worth enjoying to the fullest. The question is, what can you expect from me and what types of things will I be discussing here? Well the simple answer is, a lot.

To say that my interests are varied is an understatement. I enjoy anime, old school video games (yes, the graphics suck but I don’t care), comics, pro-wrestling, rpg’s, and board games. I am an independent author with a love for fantasy (sword and sorcery in particular), science fiction, and old pulp stories with a touch of Lovecraft thrown in for good measure. Saying that I have a wide range of things I could go on about is putting it mildly, but I’ll try to stay focused for your sakes but no promises. If you guys like what I’m throwing down, please don’t be afraid to ask a question or suggest a topic you might like to get my take on, we’re in this together after all and I value your opinions.

So, let’s see where this weird ride takes us together and what kind of crazy adventures we can go on before all is said and done, I’m looking forward to seeing where we might end up. Until next time gang, later.

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